5 Eco-friendly ideas for your home office

When it comes to creating an eco-friendly home office, it’s worth investing in sustainable items made from natural materials that will be with you for the long haul. Here’s our list of top 5 eco-friendly ideas for your home office that are kind to the environment and look great on your desk.

  1. Wheat Straw Wireless Charger

Another home office essential, this wireless charging pad is made from sustainable wheat straw material and is compatible with all the newest androids and iPhones.

  1. 3 in 1 Humidifier 

This 3 in 1 humidifier incorporates a humidifier, fan and night light combined. Perfect for while you work in your home office, the humidifier and fan will keep your space a comfortable environment to work in while the light facilitates evening studying or working. You can also choose from a selection of six colours to suit your current mood.

  1. Bamboo Tumbler

This bamboo and recycled plastic tumbler is the perfect sustainable container for your working beverage of choice. Incorporates a hand grip and drinking hole for easy on-the-go use as well.

  1. Bamboo Power Bank 

A home office must-have, this bamboo power bank includes an indicating light and USB cable with micro USB plug and a type C connector, and its bamboo casing makes it the perfect choice for a sustainable home office.

  1. Wheat Straw Speakers 

This stylish set of speakers is made from 70% ABS and 30% wheat straw material, making them a great eco-friendly choice for your home office. 

  1. Bamboo Flask 

This double wall stainless steel flask with bamboo cover and PP lid will keep your drinks at the temperature you want while you get on with working.

For more eco-friendly ideas for your home office, check out our whole collection of sustainable and bamboo products on our website. For each order you make we plant a minimum of 10 trees and deliver worldwide in 4-8 working days.