5 University Swag Ideas For an Open Day that Students Will Love

First impressions are everything. Given that a university is a place where a student comes to learn and be inspired, one quick win at the open day is to promote environmental awareness with the free branded giveaways you’ll be handing out to potential students.

This can be seamlessly achieved by choosing to hand out the same giveaways you usually use, but for a change, you coud be handing out items made from eco-friendly, reused or reusable material, which will have your logo printed or engraved on it.

It costs the same and will be of greater benefit to the university’s image among the younger generations.

Here are some of our favourite and most popular university swag ideas:


Reusable Coffee Cups

Young adults are aware about the damage plastic does to nature, wildlife and people. Organic and recyclable products cost a lot more than the plastic alternative which makes adopting to a eco-friendly lifestyle challenging for students. 

Take action! Give your students reusable cups that they will love to use and your university will definitely gain visibility from the students carrying them all around town.

Tote Bags

Many countries have passed a ban on plastic bags while others are taxing retailers, forcing consumers to pay. Reduction in plastic waste makes a huge difference to wildlife and the environment. Promote eco awareness along with your university and day one for these future students (who are attending the open day)! Hand out organic swag that saves students money and reduces plastic pollution. 

bamboo notebook with other stationary objects on a desk

Bamboo Notebooks

One of our favourite student giveaways are notebooks as students use them for taking notes in class or brainstorming ideas in a cafe for example. These notebooks are 100% plastic free, made from recycled paper and feature an organic bamboo cover.

Wooden USB sticks

USB sticks are always of use to students and if they don’t already have one they will definitely use the one you give them. USB sticks are great to gain visibility towards your brand as students bring them with them in class, at cafes or to the library. Our USB sticks are made out of wood, which is perfect for engraving a brand logo or name.


Bamboo Bottle Openers

Similar to hair ties, bottle openers are never there when we need them. Help your students during those moments of struggle and be sure they will appreciate you for it. Our bamboo bottle opener is safe, easy and fast to use and does not cause a negative impact on the environment. 


Staying away from plastic can be hard for students with many organisations failing to realize alternatives are already available (at the same price). 

Show students your support for eco awareness by giving away items students actually want to use, this will certainly make a positive impression amongst these potential students, their friends and their classmates.

When a student is trying to decide what course and what university to attend, the seemingly endless amount of options for “career paths” can be frustrating. 

The one thing that universities should be doing right is to be only handing out items that are made from eco-friendly, reused or reusable material.

It’s the end of the road for single use plastic being handed out, knowing a huge part of it will end up as waste with companies failing to invest in organic swag. 

Promote your university with giveaways that students will enjoy using, without having to feel guilty about harming the environment when it’s time to throw them away.

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