5 Student Engagement Strategies for Teenagers Learning From Home

Teens are at the age where finding motivation to study can be to say the least, difficult. Due to the current situation and transition to online classes, teens struggle even more without the teachers, classmates and school environment that’s usually there to keep them going. 

In this article we’ll share ways to make learning convenient, fun and engaging for students. One way schools can do this is with practical, fun and unique giveaways. With the help of these student engagement strategies and creative giveaways (listed below) schools can inspire teenagers to learn new skills that’ll make them happier, stress less and more motivated to study while learning from home. Learning life skills benefits teenagers as they’re moving into adulthood and gives your school a greater reputation than those schools that give their students standard learning materials and school supplies.

Working closely with other businesses that offer their help to schools during this crisis our team have picked out some eco-friendly products that can inspire your students to pick up a new beneficial hobby while they’re at home.

Inspire your students to take up gardening!

Studying at home and spending a lot of time inside can make students anxious, drowsy and disinterested which can affect their learning progress and mood negatively. Many parents struggle to get their teenagers to go outside and get the fresh air and sunlight they need. 

Being outside and close to nature has numerous positive effects on people’s health. By giving your students a gardening set with all the tools needed to start their first gardening project, you give them a break from the digital world with a fun activity that gets them to spend more time in nature. Gardening is a physical activity that also gives teenagers daily exercise and can inspire them to grow their own fruits and vegetables which can stand by them for the rest of their lives.

Other achievements your students will gain from gardening include responsibility, self confidence and creativity. Think about it.. to grow their own plants students need to care for them daily, choose where and what to plant. Once they plant their first fruit or flower, they’ll witness their hard work paying off. This new life skill will definitely help them in the future and give them a daily activity to enjoy while being stuck at home.

Encourage students to learn how to cook

Cooking is definitely up there at the top of the list for valuable life skills for people to learn from a young age. After finishing high school, students will be heading to college or getting their first job and they’ll be moving away from the comforts of living with their parents. Being able to cook their own meals not only saves teens money but also teaches them about having a healthy, nutritious diet. For a teenager to cook their family some pasta bolognese for the first time will certainly be a memorable moment. Encouraging students to learn how to cook definitely benefits students, parents and schools, here’s how.

Inspire your students to get chopping with a gift like a chef’s hat or a cooking apron with your logo printed on that will not only be useful every time they prepare a meal but will probably remain in their memory and their parents for quite a long time. Practical yet fun gifts will show teens, parents and those considering going to your school that you encourage your students to learn skills that benefit them for the rest of their lives and not only achieve academically… and who knows, that chef’s hat might even be the first step in their career of being a chef or nutritionist.

Exercise helps students handle stressful situations

The weekly sports classes play an important role in students’ exercise routine and for some students it’s the only workout they do. As of right now, being stuck at home playing a video game or binge watching TV shows or movies sounds far more tempting than going for a run. To get them off the couch and doing some exercise will require a bit of motivation.

Teenagers should be trying new things, exploring new ideas and taking up some activities to find their identity and get comfortable with their bodies. Now is the perfect time to inspire teenagers to pick up a new skill that will help their body and mind cope with the stress they’re experiencing while studying from home.

Many teenagers are starting to take up yoga! Yoga has some amazing benefits for student’s physical and mental health, and also their academic performance. Aside from daily exercise, practising yoga empowers teens to value, love and respect themselves. Yoga can help teenagers  focus on school, be more productive and gain more self-confidence. Sounds great right?

Sending your students a yoga mat can be all that it takes to get them practising sun salutation every morning. You inspiring them to pick up this new mindful hobby will definitely spike other prospective parent’s interest in sending their kids to your school. To know more about how schools can benefit from encouraging teens to practise yoga and other sport activities, we have written an article about it HERE. In any case, giving your students a yoga mat will be a far more beneficial and unique gift than any notebook or pen.

Boost their motivation with music

Want to motivate your students during this difficult time? Why not give them a tool that will make their life easier both during their free time and while studying? Listening to music while studying can improve productivity and help students stay focused and relaxed giving them extra motivation in learning while stuck at home. This does depend on the music! Peaceful music such as instrumental music, classical music or this low-fi youtube channel are great for concentration. Studies also suggest that music can help relieve stress, anxiety and depression resulting in more motivated, happy and relaxed teens.  

Bluetooth speakers make great gifts for students, besides for listening to music while studying, they’re usable while exercising, watching videos, cooking, dancing and many other fun activities. When a student is used to listening to music through a phone or laptop, they will CHERISH these speakers as they have a much better sound quality and not to mention kinder to the ears compared to headphones.


Inspire creativity

There are many different ways to prepare young teens for their future. With schools being closed and students trying to settle into learning from home (or on an extended summer holiday…), NOW is the perfect time to encourage them to bring out their creative side!

We’ve partnered with Mamma Marketing that are helping schools engage with students on social media by creating contests for children such as drawing competitions, cooking contests, gardening challenges, eco-awareness tasks and many more types of social campaigns for schools. Find out more about how Mamma Marketing helps schools by clicking here.

Inspiring students to practise art, painting, drawing or creative writing are certainly popular trends in private school marketing. Teenagers will have loads of fun doing something practical and can be a much needed break that’ll help in motivating students who don’t care or bother to learn while at home. Instead of going for your usual giveaways when you want to treat your students, give them a drawing set

Adopting one of these student engagement strategies will certainly show that your school values and supports talent, creativity and practical skills which will also help your school gain a greater reputation among prospective parents deciding which local school to send their children to.

We’ve put together a whole range of popular giveaways for students, take a look by clicking the button below and feel free to contact our team with any questions.