6 unique and reusable gifts to give your co-workers.

reusable gifts

When it comes to what gift to give a co-worker, it can be a little tricky to find something that sends a professional yet friendly message, and be something that they actually want! We’ve come up with a shortlist of reusable gifts for your colleagues that will tick all the boxes as well as leave them thinking that you have good taste. You’re welcome!

1. Eco-Friendly Tumbler Cup

Up first is an every-day essential for most office workers; the trusty tumbler. Make your coffee-loving co-worker’s daily coffee trip a sustainable practice by gifting them their own eco-friendly tumbler made of 65% PLA corn & 35% wheat straw, featuring a bamboo lid and cork grip. 

2. Bamboo Power Bank

Who doesn’t need a power bank these days? With the amount of time spent using our phones out-weighing the average smartphone’s battery life, a power bank has become a day to day essential for many. This bamboo one makes the perfect, sustainable gift that your co-workers actually need! 

3. Grow your own Seeds

What better to wind down after work than with a bit of gardening meditation? Choose from a selection of growing packs, from herbs like parsley, basil and mint, to sunflower and pinetree seeds and give the sustainable gift of a splendid afternoon being green fingers!

4. Reusable Bamboo Straws

With bars and restaurants switching to paper straws, many have started taking their own, reusable straw around with them. Since there’s no sustainable material more beautiful than bamboo, these must be the most beautiful reusable straws out there and therefore the perfect sustainable gift for your co-workers.

5. Hydro Powered Clock

If you’re looking for something more on the quirky side, this hydro powered clock is the reusable gift you’ve been looking for that you didn’t know existed! With no electric or battery power whatsoever needed to run, this hydro clock will be the most interesting clock your co-worker has ever owned and a great conversation starter!

6. USB Key

Last but not least is the trusty USB key. Another office essential that pretty much anyone who uses a computer will need at some point, you really can’t go wrong with this bamboo USB key, also available in maple or rosewood. Whatsmore, we offer an engraving service included in the price so you can add a congratulatory message!

And there you have it! Our selection of six unique and reusable gifts for your co-workers. Want to take a look at our whole collection? Head to our website! And remember, we deliver within 4-8 business days and plant a minimum of 10 trees for every order we receive!