7 eco-friendly things your ‘green’ office must have

eco friendly things your 'green' office must have

Is your office space looking a little 1990’s? Think it’s time for a revamp? Check out our top 7 eco friendly office must haves for a fresh inspiration of how to redesign your updated, ‘green’ office space. Out with the plastic, in with natural materials!

  1. Recycled A5 Notebook

Up first is the classic notebook, an essential for any worker for jotting down those bright ideas. This certified recycled one is sustainable and is the perfect choice for your new, eco friendly office space.

  1. Bamboo Power Bank

Next up is this bamboo power bank, an eco-friendly essential for when you’re on the go or for when you don’t want to be stuck near a plug socket. Made from natural bamboo, it’s the perfect addition to your office space when going green.

  1. Bamboo & Wheat Straw Pen

Another one of those eco-friendly must-haves; the ball point pen. Make it a sustainable one and write in style! This luxury feel pen is made from 50% wheat straw and 50% ABS material and features silver fittings. 

  1. Bamboo Wireless Charging Pad

Wires are becoming a thing of the past. This chic, circular charging pad made from bamboo is completely wireless, so you can pick up your phone and put it down as you need to without the hassle of tangled wires on your desk space.

  1. Eco Friendly Conference Folder

This eco-friendly conference folder is one of those reusable products that can last you for years.

Made with carton and features a 20 page white lined paper block and memo pad of six colours. Comes with a handy blue ink pen.

Wheat straw Speakers

These stylish wheatstraw speakers are made of 70% ABS and 30% wheat straw material. Their neutral colour and minimalist design make them the perfect addition to any modern, eco friendly office space.

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