7 Useful Employee Appreciation Gifts For Employees Working Remote

Working remotely gives employees more freedom, flexibility and independence. However, it also requires motivation, discipline and structure which can be difficult to find. As an employer you want your people to feel relaxed, confident and happy about their work even more so when they are doing it from home.

Having a space that is comfortable and inspiring is essential when working from home. Sending some employee appreciation gifts like these ones we’ve listed below can help increase their motivation, getting people more organised and comfortable while working from their temporary home offices. It’s a nice gesture for the employer to send useful items for working remotely, taking care of employees from afar! 

During these difficult times, show your people that your company still appreciates and cares for the team. Based on research of what items are actually useful to people working at home, here’s our list of gifts for remote employees:


Phone Charger Stands

With social distancing regulations in place people are now connecting with each other online more than ever. Using a phone stand employees don’t have to think about holding their phones in their hand during those online work meetings and video calls with friends and family, making them perfect remote employee gifts. This little tool can also charge the phone! Spare your employees from  having to scramble to find a charger or having their phone die during a call. This gadget makes online video calls so much more comfortable for the employee, putting them at ease with this new way of communication during their workday!

Spending most (if not all) of the day online, your phone is constantly losing battery. For the phones that have a bad battery it means they are going to run empty much faster, sometimes from 20% to 0%, we know the struggle!

Nothing is worse than running out of battery during or before a video or audio call! FML!

Make the lives of your employees easier with this wireless charger stand. As soon as you put the phone in the holder it starts charging instantly without any cable or plug needed, and people can continue using their phones hassle and handsfree. 

A lot of companies are concerned about the environment and want to lower their environmental footprint. For those companies, rather than gifting traditional giveaways there are some wireless charger stands available that are more eco-friendly. Check out this wheat straw wireless charger made partly out of wheat straw containing less plastic compared to other charging stands. It promotes environmental awareness within your company!

Another one, this bamboo cell phone stand is an inexpensive gift for remote workers, made out of natural bamboo which makes it an eco-friendly product. Employees can participate in meetings, watch online lessons and videos comfortably without having to hold the phone in their hands, while knowing that their company cares about the environment!

Desk Fans

Summer is around the corner! Keep your employees cool by giving them a fan. No one wants to be sweaty, hot and bothered on a Monday morning with their coffee!There are several different types of desk fans. What they all have in common is that they are all powered by a USB cable and are small in size making them practical yet funny work from home gifts. Check out this portable desk fan, it has a rechargeable battery and 3 different speed settings.  

Another one is this small fan that can be adjusted upwards and downwards. Powered by a USB cable it can be plugged into a laptop or powerbank. 

These small fans are some of our favourite inexpensive gifts for remote workers. They come in several different neon colours brightening up home offices while keeping your employees at a pleasant temperature.


Gifting your employees a notebook might sound old fashioned but remote workers will appreciate this traditional item. When surrounded all day by technology, phone calls, online meetings and virtual assignments, it’s nice to take notes and write (or even do some scribbling…). 

Notebooks come in various sizes and styles, A3, A4, A5 and A6. Why not choose an eco-friendly one,helping to promote and save the environment? This recycled cartoon notebook (also available in A4 and A3) is a bestseller with 80 blank pages to get creative on, featuring a cover where employers can include some inspirational text, the company logo or a personalized message. 

Pack of branded Humidifier, Small Fan and Night Light


For those warmer climates, people need to be working in a nice comfortable temperature, just like the office! Employees who are working remotely do so from their homes, they and their families spend more time inside, help make sure the air temperature is comfortable. Humidifiers help keep the air cool and fresh. This 3 in 1 tool also has a small fan and night light making it perfect for a home office.

Water bottle

Many people find working from home difficult and they’re easily getting distracted, this is heavily affecting productivity! Think about items that employees could use which would in turn increase productivity. Gifting your employees with a flask saves them from having to leave their desks to get a refill and run into family members, the news on the TV, unwashed dishes, snacks and other distractions that are waiting for them in the kitchen. 

Aluminum flasks are sturdy and lightweight. Unlike plastic bottles that release toxic chemicals when exposed to heat, aluminium bottles hinder the absorption of harmful chemicals. Everyone should be aware of this! Supply your employees with a water bottle that keeps their water fresh and cold while not causing harm to their health or the environment. 

Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Although speakers are priced higher than other employee gifts, they are useful before the work day (in the shower), during the work day and after work. These are great for online video meetings. Not only do they improve sound quality but help keep out background noise that might distract remote workers’ concentration. When giving employees a speaker you can include a tip for stress relief music to make the gift more personalised and keep your people relaxed and focused.  

Normal plastic bluetooth speakers are fine but a Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker will look great on the home office desk. It has a hands free call function and rechargeable battery which make them perfect for those long video calls with the team!


Mugs for coffee (or tea) will always come in use. Having a “go to cup” when working that suits the home office desk can give remote employees the feeling of being back at the real office again. We’ll print whatever you like on the mug or cup, your company logo, a quote or a funny image, there are no limits to our printing capabilities or ideas for your personalized mugs!

Staying at home doesn’t mean staying inside. Exercise, fresh air and sunshine strengthens the immune system and makes people happy. Tumblers are perfect gifts for people who work from home to enjoy their morning coffee on the balcony, a cold drink in the garden or to stay hydrated during a walk at lunch time or after work. 


Many companies are still in the learning process with their employees adjusting to working from home, it’s entirely different from any normal day at the office.  Some days everything is going well, and other days not so well, it’s new to everyone! So, don’t worry, it will get better! 

One thing companies can do to show employees they still care is sending employee appreciation gifts, it’s been a common practice for employers that have been doing this prior to Covid-19. Learn from those companies, send your people some goodies to help them feel relaxed, confident and happy during the time they’re working from home. It can be a once-off thing or every couple of months, it’s the thought that counts!