7 Spooky Promotional Items for This Year’s Halloween

promotional items with a halloween theme in a dark setting

Are you ready for this year’s Halloween? This ghastly holiday is not only for kids — most people get involved in it one way or another. Why not get your business involved by creating some frightfully long-lasting brand awareness with your branded products? Halloween giveaways can be distributed at educational fairs, schools, trade shows or even at a company Halloween party. Add some extra fear-factor to your marketing scheme!

Creepy Keyrings

Keyrings can be hung on a keychain, bag or wallet showing off your spooky design (and your brand’s logo) to all passersby. You can even have the keyring double as a tiny flashlight to give your customers some extra light during the darkest (and spookiest!) time of the year.

Ghoulish Chocolates

Who doesn’t love receiving chocolate, and especially Halloween-themed chocolate? Your brand’s logo could even meet the gaze of even more potential customers if one person gifts the chocolate to another while trick or treating.

Sinister Stress Balls

Entering November is a stressful time — it’s almost the Holiday season which means that both work and family life are about to become hectic. Gift your customer a scary-themed stress ball to help them into a more zen-like state.

Macabre Halloween Mugs

With the chilly weather outside, there’s nothing better than sitting by the fireplace and sipping some hot chocolate or mulled wine… preferably from an eerie mug.

Ominous Torches

Help your customer ward off those evil spirits by gifting them a branded Halloween-themed torch. 

Menacing USB drives

Customers will always find USB drives useful, however, they can receive a lot of them from various companies and trade shows. Make your USB drive stand out from the crowd by bringing some mystery (and fear-factor!) into its design.

Wicked Trick or Treat Bags

Your customers might have children of their own which means that come Halloween, they’ll be out trick or treating with them. A perilous trick or treat bag with your company’s logo will make your brand noticeable on the streets and to their neighbours. 

We hope you’re brave enough to embrace this year’s Halloween! Have a look at our product catalogue here for some other ideas for Halloween giveaways.