7 Useful At-home College Student Giveaway Ideas

Every university student back at home is searching for some new inspiration sometimes, as being at home following the same old routine can get boring! If you’re seeking some exciting new ideas on what to do, or you’re looking for some gifts for people stuck at home, the items on this list are sure to garner some creativity! After all, we know thinking of some good suggestions for college student giveaway ideas can be tricky at times.

When considering what products to buy, it’s important to ensure that they will keep your interest, help you study from home, or help you stay focused and mentally stimulated. These products do just that and more!

large LCD display hydro-powered clock

Think outside the box and dive into the future. A hydro-powered clock is useful and unique in every sense of the word. All you have to do is fill the clock with water- no batteries needed here! The clock also includes an alarm and a calendar. Who doesn’t love a lot of helpful features?

It’s safe to say that this would be a unique gift at the least. In any case, university students need something exciting in their study environment as well to spike that creativity.

Everyone has a phone, and everyone needs to charge it constantly! A wireless charger stand is the perfect solution to any university student’s frustrating phone issues.

Simplicity at its finest, all you need to do is place your phone on the charging stand. No hassle, and it’s one less worry for you taken care of that easily!

black wireless charger stand with white background
flower pot bluetooth speaker with pink lights and smartphone

Another fascinating product of the future. At first glance, perhaps it may just seem like an ordinary flower pot, but actually, it brings with it a mood light and a Bluetooth speaker! You can play music as you would with normal Bluetooth features, or you can touch the plant to play music!

As a university student, you probably enjoy some nice music while relaxing at home. Either way, combining the natural beauty of a flower and merging it with futuristic technology creates a unique and useful product.

We know being stuck at home can be boring; an adult colouring book can be a great, inexpensive hobby! This colouring book from Eco Reusable, with 12 coloured pencils and 50 sheets, is a great starter to introduce you to the world of colouring.

Despite colouring books commonly being associated with children, the designs in adult colouring books are intricate, complex and designed to keep adults engaged.

Adult colouring books have been found to have many benefits such as bringing relief to your brain by entering a meditative state when you’re in the zone. It’s definitely worth a try, as it can relieve stress and anxiety as well.

Negative thoughts can be reduced, and it can help increase mindfulness by having you focus on the present. It’s also portable, so you can bring the colouring book with you until you find that nice, cozy spot!

adult colouring book with coloured pencils included
blue rolled yoga mat

A yoga mat is versatile, portable and an all-around great product to have at home. Maintaining a regular yoga routine can provide many mental and physical health benefits

If you’re looking for a rewarding new hobby, yoga is beginner-friendly, but at the same time there is a lot of room to advance and grow as a person through this activity.

This set comes with 54 cards and 5 dice. Having a set of dice and cards is a great and inexpensive hobby to have. Both cards and dice have limitless possibilities in what games they can be used to play. 

There are tons of cards and dice games that can be discovered online easily, and some are very simple to learn. You could also impress friends and family by learning a few card tricks, or become an expert at shuffling cards!

wooden box with logo and set of red cards and dice inside
glass tumbler cup with blue silicone grip and lid

A glass tumbler is always useful when you want something to safely hold your hot beverage, and this one comes with a silicon lid and a trusty grip. With this tumbler, you won’t have to worry about spilling your hot drink while you’re intensely studying from home. 

This product also comes in a variety of different colours (lime, orange, white, black, blue, red), so make sure to get your favourite! 🙂

It’s important to stay positive and mentally stimulated when you’re at home. We hope that these college student giveaway ideas were able to inspire you and keep you motivated!

Stay safe, happy and find a good hobby to delve into! It’s worth it to dive into something new when you’re at home, and if you do, it will help you return to university with a new-found drive!