9 Must-have Reusable Items for Your Office

eco friendly office

Are you looking for ways to improve your eco friendly office? Check out some of our eco friendly must-haves and up your office’s eco-game.

1. Reusable Glass Lunchbox

This sturdy, reusable lunch box with airtight lid will keep your food super fresh and should last you a lifetime! Whatsmore, made with high borosilicate glass, you can pop it in the microwave making it perfect to store, transport, heat and eat your food from (and leaves you with just one thing to wash up afterwards!) No surprise then that this is one of our best-selling reusable products!

2. Reusable Recycled Drinking Bottle

This sleek, BPA free, reusable water bottle is made with RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) meaning it’s made from recycled plastic. The bottle holds up to 500ml, making it the perfect travel size to take to work along with your reusable lunch box!

3. Reusable Bamboo USB key

Next up is this handy, reusable USB key made from one of our favourite durable and sustainable materials; bamboo. Also available in maplewood and rosewood, the price of this product includes laser engraving; ideal when wanting to add a personal touch as a gift for an employee or fellow colleague.

4. Reusable Metal Straw

Who doesn’t love a reusable straw? And one that folds up into a handy key-ring, at that! Perfect for taking out on the go to save yourself having to use paper straws and comes with a matching cleaning brush to keep it nice and clean between uses. One of our most essential reusable products without a doubt.

5. Reusable Bamboo Coasters

These chic, bamboo coasters will look great in your eco friendly office spread out with multiple cups of tea and coffee on top while you’re working and tucked away nicely in their matching bamboo holder at the end of the day.

6. Reusable Ice Cubes

A nice addition to your reusable drinking bottle could be these reusable ice cubes that come in a handy, cotton pouch. No mess, no re-filling and finding a spot to balance the tray in the freezer; the humble ice cube has evolved!

7. Reusable Bamboo Deskpad

No eco friendly office is complete without an eco friendly desk pad. This handy, bamboo desk pad comes with over 500 recycled paper notes to scribble your ideas on. That’s a lot, but don’t worry, if you do run out you can always re-fill the box with more notes! 

8. Reusable Wireless Phone Charger & Stand 

Compatible with all the latest smartphones, this bamboo holder makes meetings, calls and classes hands-free, while charging your phone at the same time! Once you’ve tried it you won’t be able to imagine office life without this eco friendly must-have.

9. Reusable Eco-Friendly Tumbler Cup

One for the coffee lovers, this 100% bio-based tumbler cup is perfect for en-route, at work, or anytime you fancy a hot coffee/tea/hot chocolate, whatever your tipple! Made from 65% PLA corn and 35% wheat straw, with a bamboo lid and cork grip, this tumbler is about as bio as you can get, so you can enjoy your beverage with a guilt-free conscience.

And that’s a wrap! Check out our whole collection of eco-friendly, reusable products on our website, and get in touch with us for a quote on anything that takes your fancy.

Remember, we deliver worldwide within 4-8 working days and plant a minimum of 10 trees for every order we process!