Best Promotional Products For Pharmaceutical Trade Shows

Promotional Products For Pharmaceutical Trade Shows with box full of pills

What differentiates a great promotional item from one that will be thrown away immediately? The key lies in the usefulness and relevance of the product. When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry there are many different promotional products that could be distributed at trade shows. Here are some of our top picks of promotional products for pharmaceutical trade shows:

Branded plasters

Branded plasters always come in handy! You never know when you might get a cut or a blister and you’ll be thankful for having that plaster at hand when you do. Branded plasters also make for great trade show giveaways since they are lightweight and offer a good amount of space for your brand’s logo.

Hand sanitizer

This promotional item is perfect for events like pharmaceutical trade shows where germs are lurking all around.

Custom Thermometer

A custom thermometer will be a great help to your clients and their families during the flu season, making them an outstanding promotional trade show giveaway.

Tissue pack

This cost-effective promotional item can be useful all year round and offers you plenty of space to print your logo and message. 

7 Day Pill Box

A branded pill case will allow your brand to become a part of your customer’s daily life. They will be reminded of your brand each morning as they reach for their daily pills. 

Mini Hot and Cold Pack

Your customer will be grateful for these branded hot and cold packs when undesired injuries or pain occur. For some creative ideas, look here.

Check the promotional items we offer here and find the ones most suitable for you and your brand. Do not hesitate to contact us to get a quote or if you have any questions regarding our products. 

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