• With exam season fast approaching, students are spending their days hunkered over their desks at home, trying to stay focused, occasionally losing focus (they are human, after all), generally giving it their best effort. Encouraging them to create a clean, well-equipped study space is a great way to support them as they prepare their final assignments.  Back on campus, you might have kicked off the year or a few special events by distributing lanyards or
  • Teens are at the age where finding motivation to study can be to say the least, difficult. Due to the current situation and transition to online classes, teens struggle even more without the teachers, classmates and school environment that’s usually there to keep them going.  In this article we’ll share ways to make learning convenient, fun and engaging for students. One way schools can do this is with practical, fun and unique giveaways. With the
  • At a young age, children are curious and open to new experiences. As such, their early years are the perfect time to introduce them to healthy habits—like recycling. The importance of recycling is well documented and the subject of innumerable campaigns worldwide; however, we’d like to take the time to remind you why it’s especially critical to be teaching kids about recycling as soon as possible, both for themselves and for the sake of the
  • Every university student back at home is searching for some new inspiration sometimes, as being at home following the same old routine can get boring! If you’re seeking some exciting new ideas on what to do, or you’re looking for some gifts for people stuck at home, the items on this list are sure to garner some creativity! After all, we know thinking of some good suggestions for college student giveaway ideas can be tricky
  • To put it in the truest and most corny terms possible, reusing is rad. It’s also necessary. Around 90% of plastic is never recycled, and much of this waste ends up in oceans and pollutes other key ecosystems. This is a sure sign that we need to devote more energy to reducing single-use plastic and improving recycling systems worldwide. At the same time, it suggests that we might be better off trying to reduce the
  • Whether you’re a high school student stuck at home or you’re a teacher worried about the health of your students, this blog post is for you! Learning about different ways to exercise at home is a great way to find out what routines you enjoy doing, which will have huge benefits for physical and mental health, giving you a refreshing energy boost! A successful at-home exercise plan for teenagers should not be too strenuous, as
  • image with child, red kitchen apron and useful gifts for children written in the center
    There’s a good chance you and your students have been eagerly exploring the latest online tools throughout this remote learning transition. We here at Eco Reusable have certainly enjoyed discovering new resources—Seesaw, Google Arts, and Minecraft’s education features to name a mere few.  When it comes to young children, however, this excitement can quickly give way to fears of excessive screen time and a craving for more hands-on learning activities.  To help you make these
  • Working remotely gives employees more freedom, flexibility and independence. However, it also requires motivation, discipline and structure which can be difficult to find. As an employer you want your people to feel relaxed, confident and happy about their work even more so when they are doing it from home. Having a space that is comfortable and inspiring is essential when working from home. Sending some employee appreciation gifts like these ones we’ve listed below can
  • If you are a teacher who wants to teach from home, or you know someone who wants to teach remotely, take a look at this list of must-have items needed for online teaching! Having a home office that is well-stocked, efficient and comfortable to work in is very important for an overall good quality teaching experience. The products listed below are useful equipment needed for online teaching, and they are also excellent gifts for people
  • young student with 5 university swag ideas written on the side
    First impressions are everything. Given that a university is a place where a student comes to learn and be inspired, one quick win at the open day is to promote environmental awareness with the free branded giveaways you’ll be handing out to potential students. This can be seamlessly achieved by choosing to hand out the same giveaways you usually use, but for a change, you coud be handing out items made from eco-friendly, reused or
  • plant in open hands with environmentally sustainable event written above it
    For any organisation, whether you’re hosting an art exhibition, career fair, networking event or a university open day, your goal is to provide attendees with a unique experience. Going green and taking the environment into consideration when planning environmentally sustainable events has never had so many benefits, while being both fun and easy to do. Leading by example, being green starts with organisers and organisations attending your event… Imagine you’re at an event, upon entering
  • promotional items with a halloween theme in a dark setting
    Are you ready for this year’s Halloween? This ghastly holiday is not only for kids — most people get involved in it one way or another. Why not get your business involved by creating some frightfully long-lasting brand awareness with your branded products? Halloween giveaways can be distributed at educational fairs, schools, trade shows or even at a company Halloween party. Add some extra fear-factor to your marketing scheme! Creepy Keyrings Keyrings can be hung
  • stationary objects and paperboard with promotional products
    Distributing promotional products can be an extremely effective and low-cost marketing strategy. People love receiving gifts and there is research to back it up. Sageworld.com found that 89% of people could remember the brand that gave them a promotional product for up to two years afterwards. This number is so much higher than any other marketing tactic.  The key to creating a memorable branded item that customers will love and keep for years lies in creating a
  • green bottle on grass with single-use plastic items written
    The government announced on Monday that it planned to start introducing levies on single-use plastic items. This would include a ban on items such as plastic cutlery, plates and straws and cups. Keep your company ahead of the game by distributing the following items to your customers and employees! Reusable cups Reusable cups offer a fantastic alternative to disposable single-use cups. They can be used at festivals, trade shows, coffee shops and even in the
  • promotional products with a long lifespan
    When you’ve made the decision to include promotional products in your marketing efforts you’ll want to make sure that you get the highest return on investment possible. How can you ensure that your business’ message is not only seen once but repeatedly by multiple people across many months or even years? Branded merchandise can offer that opportunity especially when the items branded are durable and useful to the consumers. According to the British Promotional Merchandise
  • single-use products stranded on the beach
    It’s not news to anyone that single-use products are not in the environment’s good books; of the 400 million tonnes of plastic produced every year, 40% is single-use and goes in the bin. Used. Just. Once. This is just part of the reason why the government has announced a wave of reform in the waste sector in an effort to greatly reduce the use of single-use products on the environment. Businesses are forces for social
  • You should never go to a trade show empty-handed. Statistics show that 52% of trade show attendees are more likely to enter a booth that provides giveaways and 34% of exhibitors credit their giveaways with bringing more people to their booth. So, how can you design a trade show giveaway that your customers will love? Great promotional products for trade shows should be useful and relevant. Here are some items that most trade show attendees will love.
  • reusable branded products image with two eco-friendly cups
    Single-use products cause an extraordinary amount of waste Did you know that 22 000 single-use coffee cups are disposed of every hour in Ireland alone? And this only pertains to coffee cups. There are a myriad other products such as plastic water bottles, cutlery, straws and wrappers that are disposed of constantly as well. Altogether this produces an immense amount of waste and causes great harm to the environment.  Here is some of the reasons
  • creative branded products image with wood background
    It can be really frustrating to invest in the design and production of promotional materials to help give your brand and client-base a boost, only to find out that they were disposed of soon after and had little or no impact on your business! That’s why having creative branded products to giveaway to your clients or employees is the key… Thinking more creatively can help your business stand out from your competitors and ensure that
  • Promotional Products For Pharmaceutical Trade Shows with box full of pills
    What differentiates a great promotional item from one that will be thrown away immediately? The key lies in the usefulness and relevance of the product. When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry there are many different promotional products that could be distributed at trade shows. Here are some of our top picks of promotional products for pharmaceutical trade shows: Branded plasters Branded plasters always come in handy! You never know when you might get a
  • 7 Eco-Friendly Promotional Items for Your Brand with a green background
    Eco-friendly promotional items are becoming more and more popular…and for good reason! With the recent government ban on single-use items and increased environmental awareness, it’s time for your company to jump on board and help lead the way towards a more sustainable future.  Tote Bags Eco-friendly tote bags make fantastic promotional giveaways. They are immensely useful to the customer and give your business some long-lasting brand-awareness. Moreover, they can be used at the supermarket as
  • eco-friendly promotional products image on a tote bag
    Trade shows are a fantastic place to introduce new people to your brand and to connect with loyal customers. A great way to capture people’s attention at trade shows is by distributing promotional products. Studies show that 52% of trade show attendees are more likely to go to a booth that gives out branded items.  When it comes to deciding which products to give away at your next show, the huge amount of choice can
  • Countries around the world have introduced bans on single-use plastics recently, and for a good reason. Every year we produce 300 million tons of plastic and over eight million tons of it winds up in the oceans, causing harm to both wildlife and the environment. It takes centuries for any plastic item to break down and even when they do, microparticles still remain in the environment. Luckily though there are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives to
  • reusable promotional items image of two eco-friendly cups
    Promotional products are a great marketing strategy for companies but one of its shortcomings tends to be the amount of waste that these items can produce. Think about all of the freebies and trinkets that you’ve been given. Where are they now? Chances are, you threw them away at some point. This contributes not only to the already enormous amount of waste humans produce, but also to limited brand awareness for those dishing them out.
  • winter trade show giveaways wrapped with green ruban
    It’s getting colder outside, the nights are getting longer and the brisk smell of winter seems to surround the air anywhere you go. This means it’s time to start planning for your upcoming winter trade show giveaways! Giving out promotional items (especially reusable promotional items) at a trade show is a great way to maximise your brand’s exposure and bring in more traffic. According to PPAI, 83% of consumers are more likely to buy your
  • branded christmas gifts wrapped in carton paper
    The Holiday season is almost upon us! What better time is there to celebrate both customer and employee loyalty and to give away free trinkets? The following branded Christmas gifts are perfect for giving away at Christmas themed events and trade shows or giving to your customers and employees as corporate Christmas gifts…or even for filling a loved one’s stocking! Branded candles The darkest time of the year calls for lighting some scented candles all
  • It’s almost that time of year again… the time to start organizing your company’s Christmas party! Throwing a great Christmas party is a fantastic way to wrap up the year and to also show your employees how much you value them. After all, a company is nothing without its employees, so show them your gratitude by giving a gift. If you’re wondering what to give your customers this Christmas, you’re in luck! Here are our
  • christmas marketing campaign image with wrapped gifts
    Christmas is all about celebration, candy canes, gingerbread cookies and giving gifts, hence making it one of the busiest seasons for many different industries. The holiday season is a time to get creative and be fun with your Christmas marketing campaign and to show your customers how much you value them. Below are a few tips for boosting your Christmas marketing campaign through distributing free Christmas giveaways. Promotional products are a fantastic marketing tactic year-round