7 Useful Employee Appreciation Gifts For Employees Working Remote

Working remotely gives employees more freedom, flexibility and independence. However, it also requires motivation, discipline and structure which can be difficult to find. As an employer you want your people to feel relaxed, confident and happy about their work even more so when they are doing it from home. Having a space that is comfortable...

promotional items with a halloween theme in a dark setting

7 Spooky Promotional Items for This Year’s Halloween

Are you ready for this year’s Halloween? This ghastly holiday is not only for kids — most people get involved in it one way or another. Why not get your business involved by creating some frightfully long-lasting brand awareness with your branded products? Halloween giveaways can be distributed at educational fairs, schools, trade shows...

stationary objects and paperboard with promotional products

How to Design the Perfect Promotional Product

Distributing promotional products can be an extremely effective and low-cost marketing strategy. People love receiving gifts and there is research to back it up. Sageworld.com found that 89% of people could remember the brand that gave them a promotional product for up to two years afterwards. This number is so much higher than any other marketing...

promotional products with a long lifespan

Which Promotional Products Have the Longest Life Span?

When you’ve made the decision to include promotional products in your marketing efforts you’ll want to make sure that you get the highest return on investment possible. How can you ensure that your business’ message is not only seen once but repeatedly by multiple people across many months or even years? Branded merchandise can...

reusable branded products image with two eco-friendly cups

Why Reusable Branded Products Are the Next Wave

Single-use products cause an extraordinary amount of waste Did you know that 22 000 single-use coffee cups are disposed of every hour in Ireland alone? And this only pertains to coffee cups. There are a myriad other products such as plastic water bottles, cutlery, straws and wrappers that are disposed of constantly as well. Altogether...

creative branded products image with wood background

Creative Branded Products

It can be really frustrating to invest in the design and production of promotional materials to help give your brand and client-base a boost, only to find out that they were disposed of soon after and had little or no impact on your business! That's why having creative branded products to giveaway to your...

reusable promotional items image of two eco-friendly cups

3 Greatest Benefits of Reusable Promotional Items

Promotional products are a great marketing strategy for companies but one of its shortcomings tends to be the amount of waste that these items can produce. Think about all of the freebies and trinkets that you’ve been given. Where are they now? Chances are, you threw them away at some point. This contributes not...

winter trade show giveaways wrapped with green ruban

7 Winter Trade Show Giveaways in 2019

It’s getting colder outside, the nights are getting longer and the brisk smell of winter seems to surround the air anywhere you go. This means it’s time to start planning for your upcoming winter trade show giveaways! Giving out promotional items (especially reusable promotional items) at a trade show is a great way to...

branded christmas gifts wrapped in carton paper

Top 5 Branded Christmas Gifts for this Holiday Season

The Holiday season is almost upon us! What better time is there to celebrate both customer and employee loyalty and to give away free trinkets? The following branded Christmas gifts are perfect for giving away at Christmas themed events and trade shows or giving to your customers and employees as corporate Christmas gifts...or even...

christmas marketing campaign image with wrapped gifts

3 Tips to Boost Your Christmas Marketing Campaign

Christmas is all about celebration, candy canes, gingerbread cookies and giving gifts, hence making it one of the busiest seasons for many different industries. The holiday season is a time to get creative and be fun with your Christmas marketing campaign and to show your customers how much you value them. Below are a...

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