Useful Equipment Needed For Online Teaching

If you are a teacher who wants to teach from home, or you know someone who wants to teach remotely, take a look at this list of must-have items needed for online teaching!

Having a home office that is well-stocked, efficient and comfortable to work in is very important for an overall good quality teaching experience. The products listed below are useful equipment needed for online teaching, and they are also excellent gifts for people who work from home!

wireless charger stand in wheat straw and ABS

Eco-Friendly Wireless Charger Stand

Nothing is worse than your phone losing battery in the middle of an online video call, or just before a class with students. This eco-friendly wireless charger stand will ease your online teaching experience. 

This hands-free experience is convenient for both teachers and students, and its battery-saving efficiency cannot be topped. 

Simply place your phone on the stand, and your online video meetings, online classes or other online teaching resources can continue while the phone is being charged. No one likes holding their phone for video calls anyway…

100% Bio-Based Tumbler

For teachers inside all day on their computer, they’ll want to catch every bit of fresh air they can. What’s better than enjoying a cup of tea or coffee outside on a sunny day, or on your lunch break? 

For students, after a busy day of studying, they too deserve to kick back and relax with a nice beverage of their choice! 

A good tumbler is essential for any home office to hold your drinks hot or cold. If you yourself already have that designated drinking mug, this bio-based tumbler is still great to consider when you want some creative ideas for eco-friendly gifts for people who work from home.

100% Eco Friendly Tumbler Cup in PLA corn, wheat straw, bamboo and cork
portable white promotional usb fan

Portable USB Fan

When things get hot and sweaty inside this summer, a portable USB fan provides ultimate convenience. If you are looking for something simple yet effective for your home office, this fan definitely ranks high for useful items to help teach from home as it is light, small and can be plugged simply into your laptop or wall plug in seconds. Online teaching allows for flexibility in where you can teach, and the portability of this fan suits remote teaching perfectly.

Recycled Carton Notebook A5

Going back to the basics, this eco-friendly notebook could be handy for taking notes during online lectures and courses. In general, taking notes while teaching online gives you the opportunity to extend on what is being learned by your students. By taking quick notes during online discussions, you can increase your overall level of participation through noting what kind of points were brought up by what students and giving praise effectively during or after the class. In any case, having a notebook is an essential part of any instructor’s toolkit.

For students, keeping all your notes organized is essential for any good study routine! It’s no stretch to say that the additional rubber band will keep everything secure and in place as well. 

recycled carton notebook a5 format
Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

Whether it be for video calls, meetings, or other forms of communication online, this bamboo Bluetooth speaker provides excellent sound quality and built-in microphone to enhance your teaching sessions. This speaker also includes an SD card port and an AUX/USB cable for extra convenience.

3 in 1 Humidifier, Small Fan & Night Light

For maximum convenience, a 3 in 1 humidifier, fan and night light combined would be a great addition to your home office. Keep your environment comfortable with the humidifier and fan, and an extra light is great for those late nights for you teachers writing up lesson plans.

Pack of branded Humidifier, Small Fan and Night Light
Recycled carton blue ball pen

Ball pen

Last but not least, this stylish, bamboo ball pen would be a perfect addition to any home office.  Note-taking has never been more eco-friendly, and this pen has a recycled carton barrel.

Finding the ideal equipment needed for online teaching can be quite the challenge, but with the products on this list, your online teaching lessons and home office will be off to a fantastic start!

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