100% Eco Friendly Tumbler Cup

100% Eco Friendly Tumbler Cup

100% Eco Friendly Tumbler Cup in PLA corn, wheat straw, bamboo and cork

100% Eco Friendly Tumbler Cup


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100% bio-based Tumbler Cup. Great for teachers, students and remote workers to enjoy their morning coffee, bring out during a walk or for kicking back in the evening. Tumblers can be used both indoors and outdoors to hold drinks hot or cold.

Made from 65% PLA corn & 35% wheat straw, the lid is bamboo and the grip is made from cork. It holds a capacity of 420ml.

Minimum quantity: 20 units
Discount available for orders over 40 units

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  • What is wheat straw?

    Wheat straw is a by-product that remains after harvest. Wheat straw is often used in eco-friendly products instead of plastic and paper to prevent plastic pollution and deforestation.

  • Is PLA environmentally friendly?

    PLA is biodegradable. If recycled correctly and processed in the right environment it can decompose in less than a year. Which is amazing!

  • What is PLA?

    PLA (poly-lactic acid) is 100% bio-based, made from fermented plant starch, which is free of carbon neutral and toxics.

  • Why are bamboo products eco-friendly?

    When purchasing a product made out of bamboo you not only purchase a natural, biodegradable product. You also support the growth of a plant that produces oxygen, reduces carbon dioxide in the air, has a low environmental footprint when produced, prevents drouth and creates jobs in developing countries.

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