Wheat Straw & Bamboo Push Button Ball Pen

Wheat Straw & Bamboo Push Button Ball Pen

Bamboo and wheat straw push button ball pen

Wheat Straw & Bamboo Push Button Ball Pen


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You can never go wrong with a free pen, right? Cheap, low quality pens lead to many promotional pens ending up in the bin. The answer? Give away an eye-catching, high quality pen made from natural materials so you can be certain students will favour your pen over cheap plastic ones when working from home!

50% wheat straw and 50% ABS material with silver fittings. Blue ink.

Minimum quantity: 400 units

Discount for orders over 800 units

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Beige, Orange, Black, Blue, Green, Red

  • What is wheat straw?

    Wheat straw is a by-product that remains after harvest. Wheat straw is often used in eco-friendly products instead of plastic and paper to prevent plastic pollution and deforestation.

  • Why are bamboo products eco-friendly?

    When purchasing a product made out of bamboo you not only purchase a natural, biodegradable product. You also support the growth of a plant that produces oxygen, reduces carbon dioxide in the air, has a low environmental footprint when produced, prevents drouth and creates jobs in developing countries.

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