Bamboo Mug

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Bamboo Mug


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Young adults are becoming more concerned about the climate crisis. A big problem for students willing to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle is a lack of money as eco-friendly products usually cost up to three times more than plastic ones. We have changed this, no more ripping people off for wanting to do the right thing! Give your students eco-friendly mugs that they will love to use, both them and the environment will appreciate it!

300 ml capacity, made of 50% bamboo fibre and 50% PP.

Minimum quantity: 40 units

Discount for orders over 80 units

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Beige, Heaven Blue, Pink, Green

  • Is PP plastic safe?

    Polypropylene (PP) is a heat resistant and robust plastic. It's used for food and beverage packaging and its high heat tolerance makes it safe for hot drinks.

  • Why are bamboo products eco-friendly?

    When purchasing a product made out of bamboo you not only purchase a natural, biodegradable product. You also support the growth of a plant that produces oxygen, reduces carbon dioxide in the air, has a low environmental footprint when produced, prevents drouth and creates jobs in developing countries.

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