Single Wall Aluminium Bottle

Single Wall Aluminium Bottle

single wall aluminium bottle with a plastic removable cap

Single Wall Aluminium Bottle


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Single Wall Aluminium Bottle. Gifting your employees or students working from home with this aluminium bottle saves them from having to leave their room and run into unwashed dishes, snacks, TV and other distractions that are waiting for them in the kitchen. Aluminium flasks keep the beverage fresh and cold while not causing harm to people’s health or the environment.

Capacity: 600 ml

Minimum quantity: 20 units

Discount for orders over 40 units



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matt silver, Black, Blue, Red

  • Why are aluminium bottles better than plastic bottles?

    Unlike plastic bottles that release toxic chemicals when exposed to heat, aluminium bottles hinder the absorption of harmful chemicals. Plastic is hard to recycle and often end up in our oceans instead of the industrial composters that are able to decompose them.

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