Smartphone holder & Battery Charger

Smartphone holder & Battery Charger

Smartphone holder & Battery Charger


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This smartphone holder makes online meetings, classes and calls hassle free. When putting the phone in the holder it starts charging instantly without any cable or plug needed. Perfect for remote workers and people that are studying from home and spend a lot more time online and on their phones.

Made out of natural bamboo. Output: DC5V/1.0A It’s compatible with the latest smartphones.

Minimum quantity: 20 units
Discount available for orders over 40 units

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  • What do I need to use this item?

    A computer, powerbank or other device with a USB port or a USB power adapter.

  • How do you use the wireless charging stand?

    Plug the USB charging cable into a power adaptor or computer. Then place your phone on the charger and it will start charging.

  • Is this charger compatible with all phones?

    Yes, the charger is wireless so it can charge the majority of phones made in the last years.

  • Why are bamboo products eco-friendly?

    When purchasing a product made out of bamboo you not only purchase a natural, biodegradable product. You also support the growth of a plant that produces oxygen, reduces carbon dioxide in the air, has a low environmental footprint when produced, prevents drouth and creates jobs in developing countries.

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