7 Eco-Friendly Promotional Items for Your Brand

7 Eco-Friendly Promotional Items for Your Brand with a green background

Eco-friendly promotional items are becoming more and more popular…and for good reason! With the recent government ban on single-use items and increased environmental awareness, it’s time for your company to jump on board and help lead the way towards a more sustainable future. 

Tote Bags

Eco-friendly tote bags make fantastic promotional giveaways. They are immensely useful to the customer and give your business some long-lasting brand-awareness. Moreover, they can be used at the supermarket as an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic bags.

Wooden or Bamboo Pens

Customers will always value good quality pens! However, since pens are such a popular promotional item, it can be hard to stand out from all of the other brands also distributing them. Giving out eco-friendly pens will help you catch the attention of your environmentally-conscious customers.

Reusable Drinkware

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the immense amount of waste that single-use cups produce. Many companies have taken note of this, including Starbucks and Costa Coffee, and have started to offer discounts for customers who bring their own reusable cup. Gift your own employees and clients one and incentivise green behaviour. 

Recyclable Notepad

Whether you’re at a conference, at work, or just want to jot down a few ideas, it’s always useful to have a notepad by your side. Have a look at our range of custom recyclable notepads and get going!

Reusable Water Bottle

Similar to cups, plastic water bottles produce a giant amount of waste each day. This waste is easily avoidable by simply refilling your own reusable bottle instead of constantly buying single-use bottles.

Bamboo Power Bank

Nobody wants to run out of battery during the middle of the day, a business trip, or at an important event, especially if you’ve got no way to charge your phone. A power bank solves this problem and looks great, too!

Reusable Cutlery Set

Single-use plates and cutlery are another huge problem for the environment and contribute to colossal amounts of waste every day. By adopting the use of reusable cutlery, you are taking a small (but important) step towards reducing waste.

If you need more ideas for eco-friendly promotional giveaways, have a look at our product catalogue here or get in touch to find a suitable solution for you and your brand.