Which Promotional Products Have the Longest Life Span?

promotional products with a long lifespan

When you’ve made the decision to include promotional products in your marketing efforts you’ll want to make sure that you get the highest return on investment possible. How can you ensure that your business’ message is not only seen once but repeatedly by multiple people across many months or even years? Branded merchandise can offer that opportunity especially when the items branded are durable and useful to the consumers. According to the British Promotional Merchandise Association here are seven branded products that customers typically keep for over a year.

Bamboo USB promotional products with a long lifespan

USB drives

USB drives are small, portable and extremely useful which is why customers keep them for well over a year.  You can also get creative and give out unique and funny USB drives. Check out some ideas here.


Umbrellas make for great and durable promotional products, especially in Ireland. One of the advantages of umbrellas is that they are used in public, meaning that you can get your message out there to a variety of people.

Umbrella promotional products image with a blue background
promotional products pens with a long lifespan


Who doesn’t love receiving free pens? Pens are something that customers will definitely use and oftentimes even keep for a long time. However, you do want to make sure that you are distributing quality pens because having cheap pens that run out fast will look bad on your brand. 


Most customers appreciate a good mug and will maybe bring it to their workplace. These people could be working in an office or as the receptionist of a gym. Who knows? When this happens, you’ll be getting your brand logo out there to more and more people. Make sure it looks good, take some ideas from here.


A high-quality keychain can be held onto for years. This goes especially for multifunctional keychains that double as bottle openers, flashlights, compasses and more. Branded keychains are a surefire way to get people to think of your brand every time they lock and unlock their house, car, office or gym locker.

Branded outerwear

Branded outerwear (i.e jackets, fleece, hoodie) can be some fabulous promotional products for people who enjoy hiking, golf or other outdoor sports. This branded item also tends to be held onto long-term. 

The most important part of determining whether or not your promotional products will be kept for a long time is how useful it is to your customer. 

Knowing your customer is key!

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