Why Reusable Branded Products Are the Next Wave

reusable branded products image with two eco-friendly cups

Single-use products cause an extraordinary amount of waste

Did you know that 22 000 single-use coffee cups are disposed of every hour in Ireland alone? And this only pertains to coffee cups. There are a myriad other products such as plastic water bottles, cutlery, straws and wrappers that are disposed of constantly as well. Altogether this produces an immense amount of waste and causes great harm to the environment. 

Here is some of the reasons why companies need to adopt reusable branded products, as well as having a generally more environmentally-friendly business. 

Companies have become addicted to giving out promotional products of all sorts and for a good reason – it’s a great marketing tactic. However, some of these promotional items, especially those that are made of cheap and poor quality materials, can do more harm than good to the environment. Have you ever wondered what happens to your promotional products once they’re given away? Is your promotional product something that your customers can use for a long time or is it something that they’ll most likely throw away soon?

The government introducing levies on single-use products

Another reason to start introducing reusable branded products is that it might actually turn out to be cheaper long term. The government recently announced that it wished to introduce a ban on single-use products in addition to a range of environmental levies. With the degradation of the environment speeding up, it’s expected that we’ll see more levies introduced in the near future.

Customers are more environmentally conscious

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of environmental issues and wish to take action in any way they can. Switching from disposable items to reusable items is an easy way to do just that. Many customers have already boycotted buying plastic water bottles and using straws and single-use coffee cups.

Customers want to buy from brands that share their values

The values and social responsibility of businesses are becoming increasingly important for both customers and potential employees. People want to buy from and align with brands that they believe in. If consumers see your brand giving out reusable branded products, they’ll associate your brand with being more caring towards its customers, employees and the planet.

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