Top 5 Branded Christmas Gifts for this Holiday Season

branded christmas gifts wrapped in carton paper
christmas light

The Holiday season is almost upon us! What better time is there to celebrate both customer and employee loyalty and to give away free trinkets? The following branded Christmas gifts are perfect for giving away at Christmas themed events and trade shows or giving to your customers and employees as corporate Christmas gifts…or even for filling a loved one’s stocking!


Branded candles

The darkest time of the year calls for lighting some scented candles all around the house. There’s nothing that screams cosy better than the soft light of a flickering candle! Help your customers create a nice Christmas-sy ambience in their homes with your promotional candles.

Branded Christmas ornaments

If you’re anything like us then you take out the same box of Christmas ornaments every December. Help your customers spice up their Christmas tree by gifting them new and creative Christmas ornaments.


Branded chocolates and sweets

The Christmas season tends to bring out the sweet tooth in all of us. Giving your customers branded chocolate or sweets and rest assured that your gifts will be greatly appreciated.

Branded mug

There’s something about the cold weather that makes you just want to just sit by the fireplace and sip on some hot chocolate or mulled wine. We have plenty of custom mugs available here at Eco-Reusable, so pick the one that best suits your brand and customers.

Christmas stress ball

The Holiday season can be a stressful time! It can be hard to find time for a breather between trying to wrap up everything at work before the year closes, family gatherings and gift shopping. Give your customers and employees a cute stress ball like this little Santa to take all their worries away.

Check out more of our Christmas themed promotional products here or get in touch to find the best Christmas gifts for you and your brand.