Top 5 Eco-Friendly Christmas Giveaways for Your Customers

Eco-Friendly Christmas Giveaways

Eco-friendly Christmas giveaways can actually be a great way to engage with your customers this year. Many businesses are becoming more eco-friendly to meet the needs of ‘smart consumers. Christmas means gifts, many times these gifts never end up being used but instead they end up in landfills somewhere around the world. What better time to contribute and give back to the community than Christmas?

Though tough, the shift to eco-friendly goods and services is also very rewarding and lucrative. As humanity advances and we understand more about climate change, awareness inevitably results in a change.

Holidays are the best time to promote new products and services you had been waiting to release.

It can get a bit tricky choosing green holiday gifts which is why we have curated the perfect list of Christmas giveaway items. So, sit back and relax, by the end of this blog post, you can narrow down what you would like your company’s giveaway to be this year.

Here are 5 Eco-Friendly Christmas Giveaways for This Holiday Season:

1.     Pot Plants

This does not depend on what your industry your company belongs to. A Holiday gift can be anything you choose depending on your preference. What better way to show your customers your green initiates by giving away plants, the embodiment of life. There is a lot of wiggle room with this one you can go big or you can go small. You can also add a nice promotional message. Customers do not forget approaches like this.

Have a look at a website we helped our client with, Green Life Plants. They offer a wide variety of plants you can choose from this Christmas.

2.     Thermos Water Bottles

This is the perfect season to giveaway thermos water bottles as a reusable holiday gift to your customers. Moreover, you can personalise these bottles with your brand enabling you to promote your business simultaneously.

3.     Host an event for giveaways

This one is a bit unique but you can actually host an event online for your customers to participate in and offer giveaways to whoever wins. This can be a highly engaging activity for your business giving you the tract and sales for this holiday season. You can even make it interesting by keeping three giveaways for three lucky winners.

The holiday season is the best time to show your customers your green initiatives. We help one of our clients with their website and social media, MOYO. They offer services that are environmentally friendly. If you’d like us to help you organize an online giveaway event on your behalf, we are just a click away

4.     Solar Powered Chargers or Any other devices

This is an excellent Green friendly gift, the very source of renewable energy. Brand the gifts with your company logo and you all set to go. We have to mention that this product might be a bit pricey but it would definitely be worth it.

5.     Personal Company Product and Services

If you have your own product that are environmentally friendly. Why not get the right green packaging and use these products as giveaways? This is an ideal unintentional promotion that you did not know you needed.

We can help you spread the word out for your Christmas Giveaway gifts this holiday season. You can easily get in touch with us and even get free consultation before you commit.

Now that you have some really great ideas for holiday giveaways this year. We would like to point out, many of you might be aware of this. Packaging matters, so make sure your giveaway is in eco-friendly packaging. This can be reusable cotton bags or cotton packaging.

At Mamma Marketing, we understand the challenges that come with promoting your services and products that blend seamlessly with holiday cheer. You can contact us for a consultation at no charge and we can help you set a plan that fits your business.