Top 6 promotional bamboo products to gift your employees

We’ve all had to adjust these past couple of years; one of the main changes being the way in which we work. With thousands of students and employees adapting to a remote work environment, people are creating their own home-office spaces. 

Nobody wants your regular, corporate office-style items in their home, and when it comes to sustainable materials, there really is no match for bamboo. 100% biodegradable, durable & highly renewable, bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet (growing around 1.5 inches per hour!), requires no pesticides, and needs around 30% less water than cotton to grow. We’d say this makes bamboo a kind of eco-friendly superhero!What makes bamboo our number 1 eco-friendly choice for home office products is that not only is it gentle on the environment, it’s super stylish too. We’ve picked out our top 6 engravable, promotional bamboo gifts for employees; the perfect additions for home office!

  1. Bamboo speaker with LED

With optional laser engraving available on all sides, this bamboo speaker with LED is the perfect promotional bamboo gift for employees. With the sound as on point as its exterior is stylish, your employees can enjoy 4 hours of quality sound playing time thanks to its rechargeable lithium battery.

Impress your employees with this eco-friendly speaker and request a quote for the quantity you need here.

Product details: 

  • 5.0 bluetooth bamboo LED speaker with 1 rechargeable Lithium 500 mAh battery (around 4 hours of playing time) 
  • Output data: 3W, 3 Ohm and 5V
  • Dimensions: 6X6X6,3 CM

2. Stationary Set

Today’s youth are growing increasingly concerned about the current climate crisis, which makes this classic, 6-piece eco-friendly stationery set the perfect promotional bamboo gift for students and employees alike.

Includes a bamboo ruler, wooden sharpener, eraser, paper pencil, ball pen with cardboard barrel & blue ink; all wrapped up in a chic jute & cotton pouch.

What’s more, for each order you make we plant a minimum of 10 trees (which your students are sure to appreciate even more).

Contact us to place your order for this chic, eco-friendly stationery set here

3. Smartphone holder & Battery Charger

A two-in-one product, this 100% bamboo promotional product is the perfect gift for anyone working or studying from home. 

Just pop your phone on top y violà! It’ll instantly start charging with no plug or cable needed, making online meetings, classes and calls hands-free and easy like Sunday morning (even when it’s actually Monday).

Product details: 

  • Output: DC5V/1.0A 
  • Compatible with the latest smartphones

With worldwide delivery within 4-8 working days, get details on the smartphone holder & battery charger now by contacting us here.

4. Bamboo alarm clock

With more people moving towards a phone-free bedroom, the classic alarm clock is making a comeback. What better way to make the switch than with a bamboo-made one? 

Featuring a white, LED time and temperature display and bamboo exterior, this super chic bamboo alarm clock will be your employees new, favourite piece of homeware.

With the option to have it laser engraved, the possibilities to personalise are endless, making this bamboo promotional gift even more unique!

Get a quote for this quality, sustainable product here.

 5. Bamboo Notebook and Pen

Nothing gets you in the mood to sit down and work or study quite like a brand new notebook…Am I right? 

One of our most popular bamboo promotional products, this stylish     bamboo notebook with 70 recycled paper pages and a matching ball pen is the perfect eco-friendly gift for employees and students alike.

Fully engravable with your company’s logo, this one’s a                   no-brainer….everyone loves a notebook! Get in touch with specifics for your order by contacting us here.

6. Bamboo Mug

The last one is a classic with a twist. The closest companion to any worker or student, a good cup of coffee (or 5) is a necessity for getting through a day of productive work. 

This makes a mug an obvious gift choice for employees, and one engraved with your company’s logo will have them thinking of you with every delicious caffeine-filled sip they take. 

Stand out from the crowd as an eco-conscious company and gift your employees this personalised, bamboo mug; a best seller from our range of promotional bamboo gifts.

Create your Eco-Friendly Promotional Campaigns with Bamboo

Stats show that 43% of recipients of promotional bamboo gifts hold a more favourable opinion of the advertiser. This percentage increases to 49% if the recipients are female and over 57% if they are between the age of 18-34, making eco-friendly promotional merchandise the obvious choice when gifting your employees. 

We’ve listed just a few of the amazing, bamboo promotional products available on our website that can be used in your next marketing campaign. Just let us know what you’re planning, and our team will help you pick out the best eco-friendly promotional bamboo gifts to fit your budget & objectives, and make a strong impact on recipients.

Our bamboo promotional merchandise can also be used for a number of other branding opportunities such as environmental campaigns, employee onboarding programmes, fundraisers, and thank-you gifts. 

Ready to wow your employees? Get in touch to schedule a quick, 10-minute chat, or drop us a message at for more information about our promotional bamboo gifts.

Remember, the future is green… Your business should be too!